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The Student Programs

Our programs supplement high school curriculum and are designed to encourage underprivileged students to stay in high school and graduate. Youth participation will better prepare them for future job opportunities and/or a post-secondary education.

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carel education associates

How to Get Involved

Donate now to our charitable organization to help alter the lives of under privileged youth who seek a better way of life. Or find out how to sponsor a high school student and make a difference in their possibility of long term education.

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carel education associates

The Youth Chapters

The Carel Youth Chapters provide an environment where young people can learn and practice leadership skills and focus on ethical decision making. The Youth Chapters are able to reach at-risk young people and offer much needed guidance, care and support.

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carel education associates

About Carel Educational Associates

Carel Associates is now a “student empowered” charity organization led by a 10 member Board of Directors staff. Our volunteer associates specialize in helping disadvantaged high school students by with their financial literacy, college readiness and leadership and social skills.

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