William Carter, also known as Bill, is a Certified College Adviser (CCA) and Co-Chair/Executive Director of Carel Associates, Inc. Bill attended West Virginia University and later earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Business from Pacific Western University. His background included a tour of duty in Korea before he began a long career with the Graybar Electric Company, the world’s largest electrical wholesale distributor, from which he retired as Los Angeles District Manager.

After retiring, Bill became involved with Boy Scout activities and later formed Carel Associates, Inc. for the purpose of providing free supplemental literacy programs to disadvantaged students in public high schools. In 2009, Carel Education Funding, Inc. was formed and received its IRS letter of Determination as a 501c3 charity to help reduce the size of the high school dropout rate.

Carel Associates is now a “student empowered” charity organization led by a 10 member Board of Directors staff. Our volunteer associates specializes in helping disadvantaged high school students by with their financial literacy, college readiness and leadership and social skills.

Mission Statement

Carel is dedicated to providing hope, guidance and inspiration to under privileged youth through educational programs and leadership opportunities that will help them fulfill their potential as individuals, community members and contributing citizens.

Target Participants

  • Potential public high school “at risk” student dropouts
  • High achieving public high school students living in poverty level income families.
  • ALL High achieving students who have potential to lead and manage a CAI Student Volunteer Youth Chapter.

Board Members

William Carter

Carel Education Funding, Inc. – Executive Director – Earned a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Pacific Western University (CA). Served 35 years as a business manager with the Graybar Electric. Co. – the world’s largest electrical wholesale distributor. He has served as a liaison for College Funding Solutions, Inc since 2001 and has made hundreds of presentations about their college preparation program to high school students and their parents. He currently serves as an Indiana Notary Public, belongs to the American Legion, member of the Brownsburg, IN Chamber of Commerce and is Treasurer of the Lake Ridge Home Owners Association. Presently chairs and presides over theYouth Advisory Board Liaison.

Michael Vander Sande

Michael has been an entrepreneur his entire life. He started a T-shirt printing business in high school and since then has been involved with bringing new products and services to market. His business activities has been a factor in his having lived in Dallas, Chicago, Milwaukee, Washington D.C., and now Indianapolis where he has been for 10 years. In addition to being an entrepreneur Michael has worked with industry leaders including Wilson Learning Corporation, The United States Chamber of Commerce, and Apple Computer. In 2012, he started “Inspired Kids”, a new 501c3 nonprofit charity whose mission is to Inspire Kids. The first program introduced by this new charity was Inspired Magazine – a new magazine written 100% by Kids. He has spent the last two years bringing this remarkable magazine to market.

Steve Douglas

Vice-Principal – Arlington High School. He has served in the Indianapolis Public School system for 29 years. He is an alumni of Arsenal Technical High School and Ball State University where he earned his Bachelors Degree in Education. He earned his Masters Degree in Education Administration via Butler University’s E.P.P.S.P Program (Experiential Program for Preparing School Principals). He is currently pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership at Ball State University. Steve plans to serve as a district leader and continue educational educational consulting in the future.

Cameron Pitman

Cameron is a junior student at Brownsburg High School and is a two time winner of Academic Honors as well as well as being a member of the boy’s varsity golf team. As a Youth Chapter Director, and a member of a Youth Governing Board, he will assist in managing and overseeing a team of student volunteers who will assist high achieving students, in low income families, with their their quest to achieve a college education. Cameron looks forward to helping these students by providing leadership direction that will also enhance his personal pursuit of a college business degree.

Roy Strong

Founded Independent Associates, Inc. in 1988 specializing in tax strategies and personal and business wealth preservation and growth. He is only one of six Distribution Specialists in Central Indiana who has earned the designation of Certified Practitioner in Charitable Philanthropic Development (CphD). He is a Continuing Education Instructor at the American Institute of CPA’s and an adjunct faculty member at Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis where he teaches a continuing education class on minimizing taxes. firm educates families about how to structure and manage their financial resources. He currently chairs and presides over the Financial Literacy Committee Board Liaison.

Bennie Clark

Bennie Clark is a retired soil scientist from USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) with 43 years of federal service working in Iowa and Indiana. He has a BS in Agronomy (1969) from Southern University, Baton Rouge and an MS in Soil Science (1997) from Iowa State University. He has spent over 27 years working in the area of civil rights and served as chairman of the Indiana NRCS civil rights committee for 10 years, he also spent 5 years on the Council Bluffs Iowa Human Relation Committee where he served as Vice-Chair for two years. Additionally, Bennie Clark is a retired Major from the Iowa Army National Guard with 23 years of active and reserve time.

Edna Ramirez

Arizona State University graduate in Computer Science.

Kevin Vo

Kevin is currently a Supply Chain Consultant at Miebach Consulting supporting engineering projects on a global scale. He received a B.S. in Industrial Engineering with a concentration in Economics from Purdue University. In his undergrad, he held internships with General Electric in Operations Management and General Motors in Supply Chain Purchasing. He plans to receive his APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional certification in 2012 and pursue a Masters in Business Administration and M.S. in Global Supply Chain Management in 2013. Kevin volunteers as a Purdue Alumni in recruiting and remains in close association with professors attending classes as a guest speaker. He has prior experience leading philanthropic efforts for Habitat for Humanity and College Mentors for Kids and has served various leadership roles with the Society of Business Engineers, Kappa Sigma Fraternity, and Purdue Student Government.

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