With a support group of 60 volunteers / advisers, Carel renders three (3) educational programs to audiences in public high schools, churches, businesses, and social organizations. The programs supplement high school curriculum and are designed to encourage under privileged students to stay in high school and graduate. Youth participation will better prepare them for future job opportunities and/or a post secondary education. These programs are identified as Financial Literacy, College Literacy and Leadership and Social Skills Literacy.

carel education associates
carel education associates

Financial Literacy Program

Our financial literacy priority is to provide a financial learning experience for community audiences and at-risk students who may be candidates for dropping out of high school.

This education program provides a much needed financial curriculum to the public school system. Our power point educational presentations include:

  1. How to Budget and Prepare a Financial Plan
  2. Savings and Investment Strategies
  3. Understanding Life & Health Insurance
  4. How to Handle Credit Responsibly

These segments are designed for all community families and their students. These programs provide great “preventative maintenance” features that promote the importance of graduating from high school.

Youth Chapter Program

A priority of our Youth Chapters is to develop youth leadership and social skills. Our objective is to establish high school youth chapters, with student volunteers, to implement our development programs in communities serving each central Indiana public high school.

Youth Chapters are responsible for implementing and overseeing our charitable endeavors with targeted audiences. Each chapter consists of 5-20 student volunteers who are led by a Student Youth Director.

 College Literacy Program

Basic Program

Program Time Period – High School Senior Year THROUGH 1st Year of College (2 Years)

We Provide These Services:

  • 40-page Personalized Family Funding Analysis Report
  • Student Evaluation – Student Values & Interests matched to possible career paths
  • Online Progress Tracker
    • Tracks student’s progress in program
    • Income & Asset Summary
    • Office Activities & Phone Log
    • Procedures
    • Tax Return & W2 Submission
  • SAT & ACT Testing Dates & Registration Information
  • College Admission Application Procedures
  • Campus Visit Insights – Who to see – Do’s & Don’ts while on campus
  • Senior Timelines – Step by Step Action Calendar to follow
  • Housing Deposit Procedures
  • Final college checklist – All bases are covered – Nothing left out
  • Student and Parent Loans – Details reviewed with families
  • Housing Department Procedures
  • Final College Checklist
  • Student & Parent Loan Details
  • Financial Aid Distribution – Counsels family about funding sources
  • CSS/Profile Answer Sheet & Filing Instructions Covered
  • FAFSA form completed and submitted for family
  • Assistance with miscellaneous funding applications
  • Information provided about State grant guidelines
  • Information provided about Admission & Financial Aid stats
  • Special Circumstances identified for each participating family
  • Evaluate government & college award letters – Appeals will be originated and submitted if awards are below expectations.
  • One (1) Hour Personalized Consultation with Parents/Student (via phone or email)
  • Volunteer Opportunities Available – Carel Youth Chapter offers leadership roles

Advanced Program

  • We Build a Confidential Student / Family Profile, which familiarizes us with the student’s high school achievements, future goals and anticipated educational requirements. We assist student in selecting a career path.
  • We Provide Timelines, Flow Charts and Procedural Reminders to keep participating families posted with their progress and upcoming steps. Parents & students need not worry about what they should be doing everyday – our tracking syatem rteminds participating families what they need to do on an ongoing basis.
  • We Provide Three (3) Hours Toll Free Telephone and Email Access to highly trained college preparation and funding professionals to help answer any questions the family may have during the process. Each participating student will have access to a with a professional college advisor.
  • We Provide the Student / Family with Our Comprehensive Guidebook which includes over 300 pages of specifics regarding college selection, application and funding process that includes: High school preparation for college, Pre testing for SAT & ACT Tests, college admission strategies and college campus visit details.
  • We Provide the Student / Family With Password Protected Access to a Client Secure Section on this website – www.mycollegeinfo.com. Includes important terms and phrases, effective planning and funding strategies, pitfalls to avoid and what you “must” know.
  • We Prepare High School Students for College. Includes specific details regarding the qualities institutions look for in a prospective student; along with assistance in building an impressive resume and methods to effectively present your achievements to the colleges.
  • We Provide ACT, PSAT, SAT I & SATII Practice Tests. Guidance on which tests to take and when to take them. Includes dates and registration details, specific procedures, strategies and tips for effective test taking, how tests are administered and scored. Nationwide, our students are averaging 200 points higher than the national grade average.
  • We Provide Details About College Admissions. How and when to apply including what makes up a financial aid package, how institutions score admission applications, what to include and what to avoid, and the most over looked and under rated items.
  • We Explain the College Funding Process. Includes what makes up the funding package, funding details for 1,600 colleges, special circumstances and how they apply to your family, funding distribution procedures and their effects.
  • We Evaluate the Student / Family College Funding Planning Report. Evaluation made of family current financial situation. Offers available options and strategies, and projects the amount of projected institutional funding that may be offered based on each school’s past awards.
  • We Provide Private-Sector Scholarship Applications. We also provide information that includes what to include and what to avoid, how to write a powerful essay, and how an award may effect other funding.
  • We Originate and Submit the Family Federal Application for Free Financial Aid. We complete, endorse and file the required FAFSA form on behalf of the student / family.
  • We Check the Student Aid Report (SAR) Received From FAFSA for Accuracy. Assist with any FAFSA updates and corrections.
  • We Evaluate Financial Award Letters Received fro Colleges & the Government. We offer an opinion regarding an institution’s offer of funding based on the student’s qualifications and the school’s past funding awards. We also suggest an appeal strategy for additional funding, if warranted.
  • We Provide Details Pertaining to College Campus Visits. Information on how and when to visit, who to meet and how to arrange campus tours, and how to get the most from your visit.