The Carel Youth Chapters provide an environment where young people can learn and practice leadership skills and focus on ethical decision making. The Youth Chapters are able to reach at-risk young people and offer much needed guidance, care and support. For these aspirations to become reality however, it is essential that our Youth Chapters are seen as firmly rooted within the life of participating communities, and that wherever possible, young people are provided with the opportunity to participate in the life of that community.

Through our many educational programs and community activities our volunteer leaders guide and support young people and act as mentors and role models in their personal, social and spiritual development. The programs that the Youth Chapters provides will create opportunity for the young people to develop into mature and responsible adults who will play an important role within their communities and wider society.

Why Participate?

We believe that young people can make a far greater impact than they realize. We also believe that they are often not given the chance to showcase their skills and capabilities. In short, Carel wants youth to know they are significant and capable problem-solvers in our world. Our vision is to ignite a passion among youth for life-long service to others, while enhancing their personal growth and enabling them to help meet the needs of any community. We may sound idealistic, but we understand that there is a large task at hand to tackle this vision realistically.

We can only hope that you, as a student volunteer, will lend us a hand!

Our vision is to provide the resources for low-income high school students, who demonstrate leadership in their schools, to participate and assist in implementing our charity programs. By allowing young people from under privileged areas to gain a much needed voice in solving community educational problems, our student advisory board encourages students, who are under-represented, to continue to serve their communities by helping other students progress with their educational endeavors.

Participate Now

  • Start now by letting us know your interested in helping our cause! Submit your choice of chapter along with other information. We will respond to you within 48 hours to help you get started.