Our public charity is supported by the work efforts of an outstanding group of counselors, mentors, and other professional adult and student volunteers who care about and want to make a difference in our young people’s lives. Students are always encouraged to volunteer for not only the experience and character building, but also for applying to colleges. The admission levels for universities is becoming more competitive, asking for more out of incoming students. One major tool that has been helpful to setting themselves apart from most of their peers is their volunteering services.It is recommended that students volunteer in subjects and projects that they have an interest in, so that this way, it promotes their efforts within the volunteering community.

What the students put into their volunteering experiences will show immensely in their character. As these experiences are pointed out on their applications, students have heard more acceptances than rejections. Many Individuals who have volunteered gain a type of growth that some can not get anywhere else. Volunteers are given the opportunity to see this life from a variety of different angles, giving them, at the end of the day, a sense of humility for their own lives. When a person volunteers, they are able to give as much of their time as they want, making the commitment their own. One of the easiest things about volunteering is getting involved. Our charity organization is always looking for an extra hand to put a smile on someone’s face. With so many opportunities available to student volunteers, a person can find their way into something that could change not just their life, but also the life of another.

Why Volunteer?

There are three (3) strong reasons to volunteer in programs. First, it helps build strength. That strength comes not only from growing and retaining members and enhancing programs, but also in the sense of ownership that volunteers gain when they become visible for the association.

Second, you, as member volunteers, have credibility that paid staff or consultants never have. You can discuss peer-to-peer, and you can promote the association because you believe in it.

Third, using volunteers extends the resources of our association. Volunteers provide extra hands that enable an association to do tasks and activities that might not otherwise get done. Volunteers also provide valuable input to association leadership and staff. Volunteering is a personal choice, not your job. Never underestimate the power of peer-to-peer communication.

What Do Volunteers Receive?

Volunteers gain from their experience in many ways, such as the following:

  • You have a sense of giving back to the community in helping to solve social problems.
  • You can express your values in activities that are meaningful.
  • You will increase your knowledge and learn new skills through networking with other knowledgeable peers.
  • You gain an insider’s knowledge of the organization to grow the value of your participation.
  • You enhance your career and gain prestige by building relationships with new contacts and old friends.

Volunteer Now

  • Start now by letting us know you're interested in helping our cause! We will respond to you within 48 hours to help you get started: